Outdoor Dining Grant FAQs

Do I qualify for an Outdoor Dining grant?

To qualify for a relief grant, your business must:

  • Be a restaurant or bar located in Orleans Parish

  • Have a Sidewalk Café Permit OR an off-street parking lot (Reference)

What are the eligible expenses for Outdoor Dining grants?


You may use Outdoor Dining grants funds on a range of expenses associated with a sidewalk café or off-street parking lot dining area.  These expenses could include:

  • Planning and/or design costs associated with construction of an outdoor dining space

  • Construction materials used in the building and deployment of an outdoor dining space

  • Purchase or rental of tables and/or chairs for outdoor dining use

  • Purchase or rental of barricades, planter boxes, or similar barriers used to demarcate an outdoor dining space

  • Purchase or rental of tents and/or shade structures

  • Purchase of PPE and/or cleaning supplies

  • Insurance for the outdoor dining area

  • Disposable materials to be used in outdoor dining

  • Technology to support cashless transactions within the outdoor dining space

  • Signage and/or advertising to promote outdoor dining options

  • Other amenities or materials for the outdoor dining area

I’m lacking some of the required documents, what should I do?


Please send us an email (outdoordining@nolaba.org) so we can determine the best path forward. 

What other resources are available to support outdoor dining?


Currently, the Main Street Recovery Program (here) is providing grants to businesses, and many of the expenses associated with outdoor dining are eligible under this program.

I heard there will be future phases of this program. If I receive a grant in Phase I, am I eligible to receive grants in future phases?


Yes, if you receive a grant in this first phase of the Outdoor Dining Program, you are still eligible to receive grants through future phases of this program, which may have different funding amounts, focus areas, and criteria for eligibility. 

How do I apply for an Outdoor Dining grant?


You can apply for an Outdoor Dining grant through this website. Click ‘Apply’ and you’ll be provided with a brief form requesting information about you, your business, and your plans for employment history, and your income. Please note you’ll be required to provide copies of: 

  • W-9

  • Business and owner information

  • A narrative about your planned use of funds.

  • A budget

  • A site plan for your outdoor dining area

What size are the grants?


All grants being offered through this fund are $2,000.

What should be included in my budget?


Your budget should include all anticipated expenditures that will leverage these grant funds. Expenses should total $2000. A template for your budget can be found here.

Can I apply for more than one relief grant?


No, only one Outdoor Dining grant is permitted per restaurant or bar.

Can I use the Outdoor Dining grant to support other business expenses?


No, the Outdoor Dining grant can only be used by a restaurant to invest in or expand sidewalk café and/or off-street parking dining options.

What should my site plan look like? What should it include?


Your site plan should include a clear layout of your outdoor dining plans, including clearly marked size and spacing of all elements, including buildings and furniture. It should also include the total square footage for the space. Examples of site plans can be found here.

I’m not an Orleans Parish business, do I qualify?


Unfortunately, no. This program is being offered by the City of New Orleans to explicitly support Orleans Parish restaurants.

Can I turn in hard copies of my documents?


No, we will not be able to accept hard copies of documents.  All documents must be submitted through the online application.

Am I able to use this grant to receive reimbursement for purchases I’ve already made?


No, this grant is meant to cover new expenses that will allow you to initiate or expand outdoor dining capacity at your restaurant.

Are bars allowed to apply?


No, this program is strictly for restaurants, with the exception of bars that hold an AR-Conditional permit from the State of Louisiana.

I’m receiving a notification that my file size is too big, what should I do? 


Please email outdoordining@nolaba.org for support.

I do not have a Sidewalk Café Permit or an off-street parking lot, can I still apply?


No, this program is only for restaurants who already have an existing Sidewalk Café Permit or off-street parking lot that can be used for outdoor dining. Future phases of the program may include expanded eligibility for restaurants.

Am I able to make adjustments to my site plan or proposed budget after receiving the grant?


No, this program is only for rYes, we are aware that plans may change after your grants funds are received. Please reflect all changes within your mandatory 30-day expenditure report.