As a result of the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health and safety restrictions on businesses, the City of New Orleans is creating an Outdoor Dining grant program to support New Orleans’ restaurant industry to safely expand their outdoor dining options. The program, designed by the City of New Orleans, will be administered by the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA).


The City of New Orleans, is committing $100,000 for Phase II of Outdoor Dining grants.  Phase I, launched in August, supported the creation of sidewalk cafés, courtyards, and off-street parking dining areas at restaurants.  In Phase II, restaurants and bars will be able to apply for $2,000 grants, and the funds will assist in expanding outdoor curbside dining and parklet seating areas.  The City of New Orleans anticipates supporting approximately fifty restaurants and bars through the grant program. 


Restaurants and bars are the backbones of the New Orleans community and culture, and national trends suggest that half of all restaurants will not survive the pandemic. Phase II of the grant program will support restaurants to invest in outdoor curbside dining and parklet areas and enable them to expand their business operations.


This program is a part of Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s efforts to reimagine public spaces in order to support the City’s businesses. These efforts are designed to both ensure the safety of residents and workers and create a more vibrant streetscape.  The Outdoor Dining grant is the first part of a multiphase effort to expand dining options in public rights-of-way.

The City recognizes that these funds will only support a limited number of restaurants, and we will continue advocating for resources and work to support our restaurant and business community in every way we can.


Phase II supporting Parklets and Curbside Dining is now open. 

Phase I supporting Sidewalk Cafés is now closed.


  • Grants of $2000 are available for Orleans Parish restaurants and bars.

  • Restaurants and bars must already have a Parklet Permit from the City of New Orleans.

  • $100,000 has been allocated by the City of New Orleans to launch this initiative

  • 35% of all grant funds have been earmarked for businesses owned by people of color or women, in the first four weeks of the program.

  • Businesses will be required to document and report on their usage of the grant within 30 days of receipt.


Eligible restaurants and bars can receive $2000 in grant funds to support their outdoor dining capacity. To qualify for this grant, you must:

  • Be an Orleans Parish Restaurant or bar in good standing with the State of Louisiana

  • Possess a Parklet Permit from the City of New Orleans.



Restaurant and bar owners must be prepared to provide copies or evidence of:

  • A Parklet Permit from the City of New Orleans

  • A statement about your intended use of the grant funds

  • A site plan for curbside dining or parklet area

  • A brief budget

  • W-9


Within 30 days of receiving an Outdoor Dining grant, you must provide receipts for expenditures funded by the grant, as well as images of your curbside dining or parklet area.